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Design of Water Systems

DesWater - Supply

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Design of Water Systems


The firm's development of new public water supplies has been mostly groundwater sources from either bedrock wells or gravel packed wells. We encourage the use of high quality groundwater over the use of surface water. The life cycle costs of groundwater are usually much less than the costs of filtration for surface water. 

Our innovative designs include full rapid sand filtration treatment plants. These plants now treat their water to full compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. This also includes manganese removal systems, radon removal systems (700 gpm), chloramine disinfection, chlorine dioxide disinfection, corrosion control with silicates, and specialized ion exchange units. 

DesWater - Distribution

Design of Water Systems


Our water main designs are backed up by sophisticated hydraulic analyses. We were the first design firm to use the popular K-Y Pipes computer software. We also single handedly defended the right of utilities to use the pipe of their choice, especially if that pipe is ductile iron. 

DesWater - Storage

Design of Water Systems


Our preference in water storage is to use cast-in-place dual chambered reservoirs. This design has been perfected by our firm and is now being copied all over New England. This type of reservoir has a 100-year life span and requires little to no maintenance. We have also designed welded steel standpipes, bolted steel standpipes, floating covers, and hydropneumatic storage facilities. 

DesWater - Treatment

Design of Water Systems


We have been the leaders in the use of many new standards in the water industry. Some of these areas are the use of silicates for corrosion control, chloramines for disinfection, aeration/oxidation for manganese removal, and aeration for radon removal on a municipal scale. We also use reliable older standards for design when applicable. An example is slow sand filtration. This is an old method of treating water but is still applicable with today's standards. Our experience spans the full spectrum of treatment from ion exchange to full filtration to disinfection to corrosion control. 

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