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Design of Wastewater Systems

DWS - Treatment

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A.E. Hodsdon's philosophy for design is to give the community the simplest technology to treat the waste. In many rural communities, this is a stabilization pond or and aerated lagoon. When space is the problem, the more activated sludge facilities must be used. 

The firm's waste water design experience covers major municipal treatment facilities ranging from sand filters to stabilization ponds, to aerated lagoons to activated sludge.

Design of Wastewater Systems

DWS - Sludge Handling

Design of Wastewater Systems


We encourage the simpler technologies instead of the more complex processes. Land spreading or land injection is still the most cost effective for most rural communities. Freeze drying of sludge has also been very effective in the state of Maine.

DWS - Collection

Design of Wastewater Systems


Our policy is to build gravity systems where it is cost effective. Our experience is that public sewers that are deeper than 12 feet are not cost effective. Maine has a high water table and these deep pipes tend to allow more infiltration with time. Furthermore, these pipes are expensive to install and maintain. 

DWS - Interceptor

Design of Wastewater Systems


These designs include gravity runs whenever possible and run along existing road rights-of-way. These pipes have ranged in size from 8" to 30" in diameter, and again we try to keep the depth at less than 12 feet. 

DWS - Pump Stations

Design of Wastewater Systems


Our pump station designs have ranged in size from 100 gpm to 1200 gpm. Our designs have used many submersible-pumping arrangements. A few of the larger pump stations have been with the wet well/dry well design. Our policy is to begin evaluating the need fro a pump station once the depth of the pipe reaches 12 feet. 

DWS - Small Systems

Design of Wastewater Systems


The firm has been a leader in the design of small community wastewater systems. We have learned that large gravity collection systems are a problem. Pressure collection systems have proven themselves for this type of application. 

DWS - Septic Sludge

Design of Wastewater Systems


Our firm has designed several septage storage sites and septage disposal sites. Every Maine town is required to have facilities available for septage disposal. Our services have helped these towns to comply with that requirement. 

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