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A.E. Hodsdon Consulting Engineers is a medium size engineering firm located in central Maine.  The firm services a broad spectrum of clients located through the states of Maine and New Hampshire. The Company was started in 1974 and incorporated in 1976 by Albert E. Hodsdon III. The firm’s success story lies with the development of the company in providing more than routine engineering services.  The firm has been particularly successful in providing services such as strategic utility planning, municipal planning, creative and cost effective design, and sound financial planning.

As an environmental engineering firm, we have developed some definite philosophies on the design of public facilities. The four (4) philosophies that we feel are most important are simplicity, reliability, expandability, and least cost.  Each philosophy has been further discussed.

We take great pride in designing systems of relative simplicity. An example of this is the Passamaquoddy Water Treatment Plant.  This plant was designed with components that are easy to control, operate, and maintain.  We feel it is important to avoid complicated designs,  which can prove expensive to maintain as complicated systems require constant attention.

Our designs include reliable design procedures and sound engineering judgment.  It is our philosophy that any treatment facility should provide the necessary treatment capabilities, but should be simplistic enough to provide the utility with a user-friendly system.

It is important to design systems that are flexible and that can be expanded with minimal expense.  Future needs are always considered in our designs.  Individual components are designed to allow for easier transition up front so that they will not have to be changed later.

Least Cost
Our designs are known for their constructability.  Contractors routinely give very competitive bids on our projects. Many contractors actually add costs to their bid to allow for difficult designs and difficult engineers.

We also have a policy of using zero based design.  Rather than simply provide the service that is requested regardless of its applicability, we make absolutely sure the solution fits the client's needs.  We have a reputation for doing the right thing for people's specific needs.  The result is an efficient and durable solution for the long term.




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