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Environmental Issues


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The firm has filed Site Location Applications, Great Ponds Applications, Stream Alteration Applications, Wetlands Applications, and mining applications for permits from the Department of Environmental Protection as well as land use applications with the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), and river crossings of navigable waterways with the Army Corps of Engineers. We prepare the complete application with all the exhibits. It saves time.  We also prepare special environmental designs such as erosion and sedimentation control plans.

Often construction projects encounter petroleum contaminated sites leftover from old leaky underground storage tanks. Once excavated, these materials become hazardous materials and must be disposed of properly. We provide the necessary testing and field monitoring of soil removal as well as arranging for trucking and disposal at a secure landfill, asphalt recycling plant or landspreading site.

Our subdivision designs include storm water management, water, sewer, road layout and design, and grading. Our designs have been reviewed by most of the planning boards in the area and have been well received. We have a policy of always representing our clients at board meetings.  Our presence helps avoid confusion and loss of time.

We have also designed industrial parks. Special attention is given to the unique needs of a park such as road turning radii, etc. Our experience includes administration of both EDA and CDBG projects.

Site development in or near wetlands often require the delineation and mapping of wetland boundaries. We use soils, vegetation and hydrology indicators to determine the presence or absence of wetlands on a particular site.  The boundaries are then mapped using submeter, GPS, or if more accuracy is required, by traditional survey methods.

Environmental site assessments include data research, site visits and inspection, and a detailed report on the environmental concerns of the site. We also coordinate site remediation such as underground fuel tank removals after the initial assessment has been completed.

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